Amplifier, Power

Main Details
Maker Heathkit Brand Heath Company Company Daystrom, Incorporated Company
  • 1 × Channel
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In United States
Date Produced 1960
Weight 28lbs (Shipped)
Power Source 117VAC, 50/60Hz 115W
Frequency Response 30Hz-15kHz ±1dB (20W)
Notes Addition of filament balance resistors and remote turn on removing need for connection to WA-P1 or WA-P2 preamplifier for operation.
Additional Specifications
Output Power ("Hi-Fi") 20W
IHFM Music Power Output (0.7% THD, 1kHz) 20W
Impedance Load 4/8/16Ω
Input Sensitivity 2V
THD (20W, 30Hz-15kHz) 2%
IMD (20W, 60Hz:6kHz, 4:1) 2%
SNR (20W) 95.2dB
Damping Factor 28.5
Output Transformer Chicago Standard Transformer
Output Tube 5881
Tube Complement 5881 (x2), 6SN7 (x2), 5V4
Finish Satin Gold
MSRP (1960) $39.75


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