Amplifier, Power

Main Details
Maker Heathkit Brand Heath Company Company Daystrom, Incorporated Company
Additional Model ID W-6
  • 1 × Channel
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In United States
Date Produced 1960
(H × W × D)
Weight 43.5lbs (Net), 50lbs (Shipped)
Power Source 117VAC, 50/60Hz, 140W 225W (Max)
Frequency Response 6Hz-70kHz ±0.5dB (0.5W)
Notes Improved silicon diode rectifiers, protection, grounding and addition of self-balancing filament circuit and remove power on.
Additional Specifications
Output Power 70W
Peak Power 140W
Power Response 20Hz-20kHz ±0.25dB
Impedance Load 4/8/16Ω/70.7V
THD (20Hz-20kHz, 70W) 2%
IMD (60Hz:6kHz, 70W) 1%
SNR (70W) 90dB
Input Impedance 1.4MΩ
Damping Factor 0.5-10 Adjustable
Feedback Factor 20dB
Output Tube 6550
Tube Complement 6550 (x2), 12AU7, 12AX7, 12BH7
Finish Satin Gold and Satin Black
MSRP (1960) $109.95


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