AC iPurifier


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niklas33 posted 9 months ago:

You can use multiple AC iPurifiers simultaneously in your system.
The more AC iPurifiers you use, the cleaner the overall power. If the AC iPurifier is placed in the middle of a power strip, it will also act as a noise shield. Noise is reduced, isolated and confined to the respective left/right sections of the AC iPurifier.
Try in different locations to discover which has offers the most improved sonics.
The Over-voltage Surge Protection (OSP) is an auto detection and cut-off circuit.
Should it detect an excessive power surge or short in the mains electricity it will automatically cut off. If this issue persists, it will not reboot and will protect your equipment from harm.
It is effectiive to max. 30,000A @ 1,000V/10uS.

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