Dr Blankenstein

The APC 2600


Main Details
Maker Dr Blankenstein Designer Dr Blankenstein Designer
Form Factor Handheld
Made In USA
Date Produced 2013
Power Source 9v
Notes Atari Punk Console Deluxe v2.0... Pretty much a super Atari stylized APC with a TON of tricked out features. There are two photo Theremin style motion / light sensors to control the sound, as well as a control switches to use a classic APC knob setup. Each light sensor can be turned on and off independently. To add even more weird control to this sucker I have added SIX BODY contacts that allow for some pretty cool sound manipulation. Two of the body contacts are running through a specially designed Germanium Diode circuit that you will ONLY find on Dr. Blankenstein's APC Deluxe V2.0.


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