Main Details
Maker Pioneer Brand Pioneer Electronic Corp Company
Additional Model ID SX-2500
  • 2 × Channel
Form Factor Standard Width
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Japan
Date Produced 1971-1973
(H × W × D)
Weight 33lbs
Power Source 110/120/130/220/240VAC, 50/60Hz 220VA
Frequency Response 20Hz-70kHz ±2dB
Additional Specifications
Output Power (1kHz, Both Channels Driven, 0.5% THD, 8/4Ω) 72/90W
Output Power (1kHz, Each Channel Driven, 0.5% THD, 8/4Ω) 84/120W
Output Power (Music, IHF, 8/4Ω) 104/170W
THD (1kHz, Continuous Power Output) 0.5%
Damping Factor 40
Power Bandwidth (IHF) 8Hz-40kHz
SNR (Phono) 80dB
SNR (Aux) 100dB
Input Sensitivity (Phono Mag) 2.7mV
Input Impedance (Phono Mag) 50kΩ
Input Sensitivity (Phono Ceramic/Crystal) 60mV
Input Impedance (Phono Ceramic/Crystal) 100kΩ
Input Sensitivity (Phono MC) 110µV With PP-402
Input Impedance (Phono MC) 30Ω With PP-402
Input Sensitivity (Aux) 200mV
Input Impedance (Aux) 100kΩ
Input Sensitivity (Preamp) 500mV
Input Impedance (Preamp) 120kΩ
Tuning Range (FM) 87.5MHz-108MHz
Sensitivity (FM, 98MHz) 1.6µV
Capture Ratio (98MHz) 1.0dB
Selectivity (98MHz) 65dB
Image Rejection (FM, 98MHz) 90dB
SNR (FM, IHF) 70dB
Channel Separation (FM, 1kHz) 40dB
THD (FM, 1kHz) 0.5%
Tuning Range (AM) 525kHz-1605kHz
Sensitivity (AM, IHF) 8µV
Image Rejection (AM, 1000kHz) 83dB
MSRP (1972) $549.95


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