Super Quad


Main Details
Maker ESS Brand Electrostatic Sound Systems, Inc. Company
Form Factor Floorstanding
Signal Path Passive Hardware
Made In United States
Date Produced 1971-1973
Notes Full-range speaker system designed around a core composed of the Quad ESL-57. System consists of two units per channel with Quad ESL-57 and tweeters in one and the bass driver separately located in a transmission line loaded tower. A special ESS brand electronic crossover completed the system. Sold as various options from basic plans/kit to everything including the Quad speakers with a middle option of everything but the Quads.
Additional Specifications
Super Tweeter 3"x6" Electrostatic Panel (x5) RTR HF-50
Treble/Midrange Electrostatic Quad ESL-57
Bass 210mmx300mm Foil-stressed Expanded Plastic Flat Diaphragm KEF B139 SP1044
Crossover Active
Enclosure Type Midrange/Treble: Dipole, Bass: Transmission Line
Finish Walnut Optional: Rosewood
MSRP (1971) $1200 MSRP (1971, Basic Kit): $150


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