S-11L Ultra-Linear 15 (Rev. 2)


Main Details
Maker University Brand University Loudspeakers Incorporated Company Decor-Coustic Series
Form Factor Floorstanding / Stand Mounted
Signal Path Passive Hardware
Made In United States
Date Produced 1958
(H × W × D)
  • With removable base
Weight 80lbs (Shipped)
Notes Crossover and other minor revisions.

Lowboy variant of Ultra-Linear 15
Additional Specifications
Treble Reciprocating-Flare Horn University UL/HC
Midrange 8" Paper Cone University Diffusicone-8
Bass 15" Paper Cone University C-15HC
Impedance (Nominal) 8Ω
Crossover Frequencies 500Hz, 2.5kHz University HC-3
Recommended Amplifier Power 20-60W
Power Handling 60W
Enclosure Type Bass Reflex
Enclosure Construction 0.75" Birch Plywood
Finish Mahogany, Blond, Walnut
MSRP (1958, Mahogany) $245
MSRP (1958, Blond) $249
MSRP (1958, Walnut) $253


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