Drum Machine, Sequencer

Main Details
Maker Acidlab Company
Form Factor Desktop
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Germany
Dimensions 424 x 169 x 58mm
Weight 3.5 kg
The analog drum circuitry is the of the 808 but built with modern components, yet the sound is very close to the original. The Miami has the same instruments with the same parameters like the original, just the BassDrum has enhanced control ranges (e.g. the decay time is 2-3x longer).

BassDrum: Level, Tone and Decay
SnareDrum: Level, Tone and Snappy
LowTom / LowConga (selectable): Level, Tuning
MidTom/ MidConga (selectable): Level, Tuning
HiTom / HiConga (selectable): Level, Tuning
RimShot / Claves (selectable): Level
HandClap / Maracas (selectable): Level
CowBell: Level
Cymbal: Level, Tune and Decay
Open HiHat: Level, Decay
Closed HiHat: Level
The sequencer has six different operation modes and offers memory for 192 patterns, organized in 12 patten groups with each 16 patterns. One pattern can be up to sixteen steps long.

In Pattern Play-Mode you can chain adjacent patterns from the same pattern group. Patterns can be copied, also into other groups. The Pattern Write modes are used to create sequences with classic chase-light programming and in addition via playing the instruments live in the TapWrite mode. Clear allows you to erase notes. 4 different scales are available and in the 4/4 scale there´s also shuffle (two shuffle types, each with 5 modes). Accents are set just as notes are and the accent intensity can be adjusted with it´s level control. In the TrackPlay and TrackWrite modes you can chain patterns to create song structures.

The Miami has an integrated tempo generator but it can also be synchronized to a DIN Sync signal or a MIDI clock. Alternatively you can use the instrument as DIN Sync master. The separate drum instruments can be played with MIDI notes, velocities above 100 will activate accent.

All drum instruments have individual outputs; if a cable is inserted this instrument will be removed from the sum.

11 individual and one sum output (1/4" sockets, mono)
Accent output (12V impulse, 10ms long)
MIDI In, DIN Sync In/Out (selectable)
input for external 14V AC power supply (included)
424 x 169 x 58mm (BxTxH)

3,5 kg


LsiO posted 3 years ago:

Hello gearheads :)
When it comes to the Kick with a long decacy how to guys do it to put it on Tune?
Coz the original 808 and the Acidlab does not have a Tune knob , just Tone.
Thank you.

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