Juno 60


Main Details
Maker Roland Company
  • 6 × Voice
Form Factor Keyboard
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Dimensions 1060(W) x378(D}x 113(H) mm
Weight 12 kg


AmiasChanner posted 4 years ago:

I have a juno 60 sitting around in its case doing nothing at home and am open to offers from people interested in buying it and collecting it.

It could probably do with a mild bit of servicing to remove various bits of accumulated dust but is otherwise in great condition for a 30 year old synth.

ASOY replied 4 years ago:

hello.. is this still available..?

AmiasChanner replied 4 years ago:

yes it is

djdemisos replied 4 years ago:

are there any particular defects or surface marks you can tell about the unit. And for how many years have you had it and used it if you don't mind me asking.

ANd what is your asking price range...? I assume it is not midi configured ?

AmiasChanner replied 4 years ago:

it plays fine after a little warm up , its a bit dusty and one of the screws is missing but other than that it plays great. It has a few minor scratches but nothing nasty as it has big solid hard case. I have had it for about 20 years and its been out of the box only a few times.

it does have a midi kit installed but i've not managed to use that , i used a kenton dcb box for midi but it has since gone freelance.

best thing would be for you to come and have a play, my studio stuff is packed away but my minirigs should be able to do it justice.

I know several people nearby who are expert synth repairers so i could get it serviced or hook you up with them.

A quick look at ebay completed listings show them selling in the uk for around 1000.

be sure to do some exercise before coming , this thing is cripplingly heavy :)

I am available most days, email me@<myfirstname>.net and we can arrange a time.</myfirstname>

djdemisos replied 3 years ago:

sent you an email Amias - thanks

djdemisos replied 3 years ago:

I used this email but it bounced back -

THis is what i wrote:

"We briefly exchanged messages a month or so ago about your Juno 60 which you listed for sale. Is it still available..??

you say there is a midi kit installed but that the kenton dcb box has gone freelance..? exacrtly what do you you mean by that it missing..?

in any case if it is available I'd like to make a trip to Bristol in the coming weeks/month ahead and have a look at the unit and see the condition of it all etc before making a final offer to you on it if that's ok. Is there a carry hard case that comes with it as well..??

many thanks


djdemisos replied 3 years ago:

It sounds like it will definitely need a service so for sure appreciate any useful contacts of tech wizards who specialise in this sort of thing

AmiasChanner replied 3 years ago:

my email domain is my firstname ( amias ) not my first name and second name.

i have lost the kenton dcb box i used to use for midi , there is a midi kit installed in the synth but i never got it to work. You can't do all that much via remote control anyway,

yes there is a hard case , its for a jupiter 8 but it fits ok. you will need a vehicle , carrying it around is not recommended as its very very heavy.

if you email me we can do this a bit more easily , i will dig it and and do a skype demo.

monksf70 replied 3 years ago:

is it still available? thanks

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