Electribe SX

Sampler, Drum Machine, Sequencer

Main Details
Maker Korg Company
Additional Model ID ESX-1
  • 7 × Voice (Simultaneous Drum/Sample Trigger)
  • 2 × Voice (Loopable Sample Keyboard)
  • 2 × Voice (Stretched Sample Loop)
  • 1 × Voice (Sliced Sample Loop)
  • 1 × Voice (Stereo "Sequencer Effectable" Audio Input)
Form Factor Desktop
Signal Path Hybrid Analog / Digital Hardware
Made In China
Date Produced 2003
Dimensions 358(W) x 256(D) x 62(H) mm
Weight 3.1 kg
Power Source 9V AC (3A)
Notes Specifications (from the manufacturer's product page)

Parts, Samples and Memory
Number of Parts: 16 total; 2 synth parts, 9 drum parts (7 simultaneous), 1 drum accent part, 2 stretch part, 1 slice part, 1 audio in part.
Number of Samples: 384 (100 mono, 128 stereo), Maximum 285 (mono) seconds.
Memory: 256 patterns, 64 songs.

Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz.
Effects: 16 types x 3 (Chain).
Sequencer Patterns: Maximum 128 steps by part, Maximum 24 motion sequence by pattern.
Sequencer Songs: Maximum 256 patterns, Maximum 20,000 event recording.
Arpeggiator: Ribbon + Slider, Scale.

Output: L/Mono, R (phone jack: mono x 2), Individual 3, 4 (phone jack: mono x 2), Headphone (phone jack: stereo).
Input: Audio In (phone jack: stereo).
MIDI: In, Out, Thru.
External Memory: SmartMedia™ (4-128 MB, 3V).

Vacuum tube: 12AX7 x 2.
Power Consumption: 24W.
Power Supply: AC IN (AC9V).

14.09"(W) x 10.08"(D) x 2.44"(H)
358(W) x 256(D) x 62(H) mm
(including protrusions)

Weight: 6.83 lbs. / 3.1 kg.
Accessories: AC adaptor.
Additional Specifications
Maximum Sample Time 285 Seconds
External Memory Storage SmartMedia 128 MB Max, 3V.
Headphone Out
Connector: 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm)
L/Mono Out
Connector: 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm)
R out
Connector: 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm)
Individual Out 3
Connector: 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm)
Individual Out 4
Connector: 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm)
Stereo/Mono Audio In
Connector: 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm)
Connector: DIN
Connector: DIN
Connector: DIN
Connector: Other


nintendj posted 2 years ago:

Korg re-released the ESX-1 as the ESX1SD in 2010 with SD card memory storage instead of SmartMedia but otherwise identical.

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