MFB-503 Drumcomputer

Drum Machine, Sequencer

Main Details
Maker MFB Company
Form Factor Desktop
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Berlin
Dimensions 175 x 125 x 38/72 mm
Power Source 12V
Notes *3 analogue instruments (kick, snare, tom)
*2 sample-based instruments (cymbal, hi-hat)
*stepsequencer with up to 32 steps per pattern
*26 sound-edit functions (attack, decay, pitch etc.)
*programmable tom tuning (lo, mid, hi)
*90 pattern, 90 songs, 90 kits

bring fresh sounds to your beats with the mfb-503! the third drum-computer in mfb’s 50x series introduces a more powerful sound and a new operational concept. due to their analogue origin, kick, snare and toms can be edited in various ways. the drumkit is completed by the two sampled instruments cymbals (crash, ride available) and hi-hats (two variations). in addition, the samples of each group can be continuously mixed to create further sound variations. sounds can be saved individually as well as complete drumkits. the instruments are triggered by an internal step-sequencer. this tr-style sequencer uses the beloved led-per-step method to set the selected instruments. there are 90 memory locations for patterns that can be further combined into 90 songs. instruments are edited by four master rotary-encoders with corresponding displays.

available functions are:
bassdrum: tune, attack, pitch, decay, drive, level
snaredrum: tune, noise, decay, level
tom: tune, pitch, decay, level. three possible tom tracks (lo, mid, hi)
cymbal: mix (cymbal 1 and cymbal 2), decay, level, tune (cy + hh).
open and closed hi-hat: mix (hi-hat 1 und 2), decay oh, decay hh, level

all instruments are send to the main output (6,3 mm trs stereo). when using kick or snare individual outs, the associated instruments are subtracted from the main output. sounds can be dynamically triggered via midi in from keyboards or external sequencers. the step-sequencer can be synchronized to midi clock.

dimensions: 175 x 125 x 38/72 mm. the mfb-503 ships with a 12v power-supply
Midi input
Connector: DIN
Stereo out
Connector: 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm)
BD Out
Connector: 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm)
SD Out
Connector: 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm)


funambulic posted 9 months ago:

If anyone has an MFB-522 they would like to straight up trade for a 503 send me a message!

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