Main Details
Maker MFB Company
  • 1 × Voice (Analog Monophonic)
Form Factor Desktop / 19" Rackmount Convertible
Dimensions 140 x 130 x 35 mm
Notes * analogue VCO with four waveform shapes
* sub-oscillator with two octave settings
* analogue multimode-filter with 12dB/oct
* LFO with “one-shot” functionality
* audio-input
* controllable by MIDI and CV/Gate
* MSRP: 220, - Euro

Size doesn’t always matter. Despite its compact dimensions, NANOZWERG is a full-featured monophonic analogue synthesizer. With VCO, an additional sub-oscillator and its 12dB-slope-multimodefilter, NANOZWERG offers multiple bass- and lead-sounds. In addition, NANOZWERG offers a noise-generator and also works as an effects-processor using its external audio-input.

Here is an overview to NANOZWERG’s configuration:

The analogue VCO generates four waveform shapes: Triangle, saw tooth, rectangle and needle-impulse. The base pitch can be switched over a four-octave-range, while fine-tune can be specified within a range of one octave. The sub-oscillator with two mixable octave settings completes the NANOZWERG’s sound foundation. The noise generator can alternatively replace the sub-oscillator to create non-harmonic sounds. Finally, a glide-control can be used to tie notes with portamento.

The state-variable multimode-filter runs with 12dB slope per octave and offers Lo-, Hi- and Bandpass-modes as well as notch-filtering and resonance up to self-oscillation. Cutoff can be modulated manually, by LFO and by the ADSR-envelope simultaneously. In addition, pitch-dependent cutoff-frequency can be achieved using the key follow function. Finally, LFO modulation can be replaced by the VCO output signal.

The LFO offers four waveform shapes including sample & hold as well as a one-shot-function, where the selected waveform is played only once after a gate-trigger, thus imitating a simple envelope. Besides the cutoff-frequency, the LFO can also modulate the pitch or the VCO rectangle’s pulse width.

The ADSR-envelope allows modulation of the filter’s cutoff-frequency and the VCA-output, with positive or negative excursion. Selectively, the VCA can also be opened by a gate-trigger to free the envelope for exclusive filter use.

For integration into a modular system or use with an analogue sequencer, NANOZWERG offers several control inputs. There is CV/Gate for pitch control and note length as well as CV-inputs for cutoff-control, the VCA and LFO speed. The LFO also offers CV-output.

The audio-input allows signals to be fed into the VCF and VCA. NANOZWERG can be controlled by MIDI from any compatible keyboard or DAW. Note commands are received as well as pitch-wheel (+/- 2 semitones) and modulation-wheel data, the latter controlling the filter’s cutoff frequency.

MFB’s NANOZWERG has the following dimensions: 140 x 130 x 35 mm.External power supply included.


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