Red Sound


Synthesizer, Effect

Main Details
Maker Red Sound Company
  • 16 × Voice
Form Factor 19" Rackmount
Signal Path Digital Hardware (including Analog Connections)
Dimensions 484(W)x210(D)x(H)50mm
Notes Polyphony
Voice Specification:
16 Voices
8 Parts
Each continuously variable between Sawtooth and square/pulse output.
Each can be de-tuned
For each, the Waveform, Pitch and Pulse width can be varied and modulated by the envelopes/LFOs.
Oscillator sources =
Fully assignable X/Y Joystick
12dB per octave resonant
The cut-off frequency can be modulated and set to track the keyboard.
The resonance can be varied and modulated .
The filter type can be switched between off, low pass, band pass or high pass.
2 x ADSR envelopes, each of which can be set to respond to key velocity
2 x LFOs, each with a separate speed and delay control.
Each LFO can be set to output one of the following waveforms:
Each can be set to key sync.
Each can be sync’d to incoming MIDI clock.
Note triggering can be normal or autoglide
Polyphonic portamanto for polyphonic parts.
Portamento has constant time, two polyphonic modes and six pre-glide modes.
Arpeggiator features Up, Down, Up/Down1, Up/Down2, Play, Random and Gate modes. Can be sync’d to MIDI.
Note ON/OFF, Velocity, Pitch bend, Mod wheel / aftertouch (assignable), Program change, Sustain pedal, most
parameter controls, System exclusive.
2 Oscillators
by the envelopes/LFOs
by the envelopes/LFOs
Each can be set to super slow mode.
484(W) panel in flat position
Normal, Formant wave, Sine wave, Input 1,Input 2
Ramp, Triangle, Square, Sine, Pulse, Sample &
hold, Random
Pink noise, White noise, Blue noise,
Power Supply:
Optional Accessories:
External switch mode type (9vDC 1.33mA) output plug wired centre pin +.
484(W)x210(D)x(H)50mm (19x8.25 x2 inches) -
4.50kg (10lbs)
VOCODA conversion kit
*External Remote Joystick
*Please ask your local dealer/distributor for availability
* Specification and /or appearance subject to change without prior notice due to product improvemen


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