Red Sound

SoundBITE Micro


Main Details
Maker Red Sound Company
  • 6 × Track
Form Factor Desktop
Signal Path Digital Hardware (including Analog Connections)
Dimensions 136(H)x51(W)x14(D)mm
Weight 100g
Power Source 6vDC 1A 1mm plug (center positive)
Notes Sample rate/Conversion resolution: 96kHz / 24 bit
Polyphony: 4 sample loops
Sample loop length: 4, 8,16, 32 (default)
Effects: Low-Pass / High-Pass / Band-Pass Filters
BPM range: 60 - 230BPM (3 ranges)
Connections: Audio input, Loops output, Monitor output, MIDI In,
MIDI Out, AC adapter input
Power Supply: 6vDC 1A 1mm plug (centre pin +)
Dimensions: 136(H)x51(W)x14(D)mm 5 ”(H)x 2”(W)x ”(D)in
Weight: 100g (4oz)
Accessories (included):
Input Cable: 6.3mm jack to 3.5mm jack
Output Cable: 6.3mm jack to twin RCA
MIDI In/Out: 2 x DIN plug to USB mini plug
Mounting kit: 4 x rubber feet/2x sticky pad


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