Twisted Electrons


Synthesizer, Effect

Main Details
Maker Twisted Electrons Company
Power Source AC/DC 15V 1200 mA
Notes TherapSid is compatible with all variations of the SID chip including 6581, 8550 (6582) & Swinsid and it is simple to install your own.

The unit is configured to provide the correct voltages and the necessary filter capacitors for both generations are included.

-Compatible with all SIDS

-3 Oscillators, 4 waveforms per osc.

-Multimode Filter

-35 Knobs

-31 Buttons

-SID pcb isolated from main pcb (less noise)

-Switched audio input for running signals through the filter!

-100 Presets

-3 Lfos: 4 waveforms, 12 target knobs

-16 Step Modulator: sequence up to 20 knob positions, per step in a snap!
Also modulate Ring Mod, Sync and Waveform for all voices.

-Pedal Glide: enable/disable glide with the sustain pedal

-Compatible with our free app for iPad (pending app store approval), Mac, Pc & Linux (download)

-Fully midi automated (see midi spec. chart in manual)

-Future proof: Firmware updates via sysex


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