Spectral Audio



Main Details
Maker Spectral Audio Company
Form Factor 19" Rackmount
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Switzerland
Notes THE GEAR - ProTone
The ProTone is a monophonic Analog Synthesizer with an internal MIDI Interface. Because of the full analog design, the ProTone is perfect for creating powerful, special and never before heard sounds. And with its deep red front panel, it will look great in your rack.

2 true VCO makes Sawtooth and Pulse Waves
White Noise Generator
True Ringmodulator
Slide (Portamento)
High and Lowpass Filter with Resonance
Selectable 12 or 24 dB per Octave
Accent (Decay Envelope for the Filter)
Wide LFO Range: 0.005 ... 3800 Hz
LFO Waves: Rectangle, Impuls, Triangle, Sawtooth, Sinus, Noise and Random
LFO Targets: VC01, VC02, Pulse Width of VC01, Cutoff and Panaroma
ADSR Envelope
Stereo Output with Stereo Panning
5 Octaves MIDI Interface
MIDI controlled Volume and Cutoff frequency
Velocity sensitive
CV and Gate In/Output to control vintage Synthesizer
External VCO and LFO Inputs


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