Spectral Audio

Cyclus 3


Main Details
Maker Spectral Audio Company
Form Factor Desktop
Signal Path Digital Hardware
Made In Switzerland
Dimensions 154 x 132mm
Notes A combination of analogue style and digital style sequencing.

112 patterns with each 8 tracks. Each pattern can be named ( 8 characters ).

Easy to learn and operate

30 songs with each 253 steps of pattern change and TRACK ON/OFF change (always shifts in the end of track one).

All tracks can loop independently. They doesn’t have to be equal in length.

Each of the 8 tracks has 5 subtracks: note(pitch), xtranote, step length, note off time, velocity, ctrl value, ctrl length, ctrl glide on/off. The ctrl tracks can also transmit pitch bend, prg change and sysex messages. You have to choose between xtranote or controller subtracks.

Last step (Loop point) can be set separately for each of the subtracks, for creating ever-changing complex tracks.

Change basic pitch, note spread, subtrack loop points, step note pitch, xtra note pitch, step length, step off-time, step velocity, ctrl values, ctrl step lengths, ctrl step glide on/offs, copy a track (or part of it) to itself or another track and randomize, all in analogue style, while the Cyclus is running.

Create new tracks from an external midi-device, in real or step time or by tweaking the Cyclus knobs (analogue style). After a real time recording, it analyses the note and controller data, and creates analogue style tracks from them, which then afterwards can be totally analogue style tweaked, even when the Cyclus is running.

Create songs step by step, or start the Cyclus in song rec mode, and change patterns in real time.

Tempo is stored with each pattern. In song mode patterns are played back in their own tempo.

One track can modulate the basic pitch of another track.

Pitch bend values can be transmitted instead of note values, to create something that sounds like a real analogue sequencer over midi.

Track midi key split function: a track can run on 2 midi different channels, above and below a split point. The upper zone can be transposed. This function also works on the midi input, when merge (canalize) is on.

Spread transform function. If you have created a great piece of music, with note spread set to ’8’, and you want one of the notes to be 1 octave higher, just enter the spread transformer, and change the note spread to f.ex. ’64’, without changing your melodic line.

Plenty of memory for all patterns/songs. Will never write ”out of memory”.

Transmits/receives midi-clock.

154 x 132mm

Use for Desk or Rack mount with Ears.

Possibility for battery operation


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