EQ Killer


Main Details
Maker Electrix Company
Form Factor Half-Width
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Notes The Customizable Kill Box. Most EQs are too gentle to do anything dramatically creative with. EQKiller transforms the EQ concept and gives you the ultimate control over frequency manipulation. EQKiller combines flawless audio quality with classic Electrix hands-on control to create an unparalleled remix tool for your studio. It's the ultimate sonic surgeon. Analog Munging. Instantly reconstruct signals without pre- production or MIDI reprogramming. Shhhhhhh. EQKiller uses the same components found in high-end recording consoles to ensure silent switching. Sonic Surgery. EQKiller can truly deconstruct sounds with its frequency tool kit: high and low tunable crossovers, band killing and frequency controlled FX send and return. Join Us. Use the joiner plate to connect the EQ with FilterQueen to create a custom 19" Rack-mount EQ/Filter. Three EQ bands. With 6dB level boost or minus infinity cut. Tunable Crossover Frequencies. Low Pass and High Pass controls allow you to customize your EQ bands. Momentary Buttons. Our silent, spring- loaded buttons let you instantly kick frequencies in and out as fast as your fingers can fly. FX Send and Return allows processing of only the "killed" frequencies. This produces totally unique FX processing possibilities. Two input sources with phono preamps give the remix artist a studio quality, live remix tool. Line level RCA connectors run at +4dBu studio signal levels.


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