Main Details
Maker Random*Source Company Serge Synthesizer Brand
Form Factor Modular - Eurorack
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Germany
Notes The Serge Smooth and Stepped Generator (SSG) is an essential Serge module with an enormous variety of uses both for CV and audio. According to the 1979 catalogue, “it is a complex multi-functional module which can be patch programmed to provide various slew and sample functions. The Smooth section will place a postitve and negative slew on input voltage transitions for lag effects, voltage controlled portamento and for low frequency filter applications.” In Cycle-mode (cycle jack patched to the input), the Smooth side “will oscillate yielding a voltage controlled traiangle wave LFO. A high level into the HOLD input will enable the Smooth Function to be used as a track-and-hold circuit with voltage controlled slew rate. The Stepped funtion can be used as a sample-and-hold with voltage controlled slew rate limiting. In Cycle mode, a pulse applied to the Sample input will generate complex staircase waveforms for control voltage applications and for use as audio signals. The Coupler is an internal comparator which compares the output levels of the Smooth and the Stepped Generators. This output is useful for generating complex control voltages or random voltages.

The Serge Random Source (RS) combines a Serge Random Voltage Generator (RVG, left column) and a Serge Noise Source (right column) in one module. As the name suggests, the Random Voltage Generator produces random voltages which vary in a smooth or in a step-wise manner. Random timing pulses are also available. The Noise Source (NOI) provides both white and pink noise waveforms. The S/H SRC generates a special (“noisy”) waveform as an ideal input for Sample & Hold functions to produce random voltages of equal probability (similar to a 1/F distribution function). In addition, the Noise Source features a random voltage output which can be stepped through random voltages by sending trigger pulses or using the pushbotton.


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