Main Details
Maker Yamaha Company
Form Factor Floorstanding
Signal Path Passive Hardware
Made In Japan
Dimensions 224 x 981 x 349 mm
Weight 19.1 kg/unit
Frequency Response 40 Hz-50 kHz
Notes The NS-500 series carries on the design tradition of Yamaha's renowned Soavo HiFi speakers: transparency and depth of sound,
deep and tight bass, and a sense of rich detail and warmth.
A world of sound that deeply satisfies, and is sure to fire your imagination.
Additional Specifications
Woofers 16cm Advanced PMD cone
MidRange Driver 13cm Advanced PMD Cone Type
Tweeter 3cm aluminium dome with DC-Diaphragmâ„¢
Nominal Input Power 40 W
Maximum Input Power 160 W
Sensitivity 88 dB
Impedance 6 ohms


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