Alexandria MK III


Main Details
Maker Oracle Brand
Form Factor Tabletop
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Canada
Date Produced 1988 - 1989
Notes The Alexandria turntables offers a unique combination of audio performance, user convenience and durability in a cost-effective design that brings the world renowned quality of Oracle turntables within reach of a wider audience than ever before.
Hidden beneath its relatively conventional but aesthetically pleas-
ing facade are virtually all of the components that distinguished
previous Oracle turntables. In shaping the Alexandria’s design,
we critically re-examined its famous predecessor and streamlined
some of the more expensive manufacturing techniques using the
latest computer technology. As a result, the Alexandria combines
outstanding audio quality and unparalleled value.
The Alexandria is extremely simple to
assemble, operate and maintain. All
music lovers can install the turntable
with confidence that it will realize its
full potential.
Additional Specifications
Speed Select 33⅓ rpm
Speed Select 45 rpm
Drive Type Belt Drive


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