Drum Machine

Main Details
Maker Yamaha Company
Form Factor Part
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Japan
Notes Latin groove factory. Adds 80 Latin drum kits and 32 notes of polyphony.

Awesome, rare Latin Percussion module for Yamaha Motif Synthesizers. Excellent condition. Free shipping in US. --- A powerful source for world-class Latin percussion on your Yamaha keyboard. The Yamaha PLG150-PC Percussion Board Plug-in delivers sounds from the award-winning Q UP Arts Latin Groove Factory. When combined with the included professionally produced MIDI patterns this Yamaha expansion board has everything you need to give your synth productions red-hot Afro-Cuban and Brazilian grooves. Complete Latin Groove kits on this expansion board include timbales, tumbas, congas, quintos, bongos, and distinctive Brazilian sounds from the surdo, pandeiro, and caixa. The Yamaha PLG150-PC modular synthesis plug-in system provides 32 notes of polyphony in addition to extra effects and EQ power. With a single card, the PLG150-PC greatly expands your sound generation capabilities. The Yamaha Latin Groove Factory plug-in gives you more available polyphony, more multitimbral parts and effects that can be controlled from the host keyboard. Yamaha bundles the PLG150-PC board with PC software for detailed voice editing. Products that support Yamaha PLG boards are listed below with the number of slots available for holding your PLG boards: S90ES (3) Motif ES6,7,8 (3) Motif Rack ES (2) (original) Motif 6,7,8 (3) Motif Rack (2) S90 (3) S80 (2) CS6 (2) CS6R (2) PSR9000 Pro (2) MU100 (1) MU100R (2) SW1000XG (1) FEATURES 19MB of award-winning Q UP Arts Latin Groove Factory sounds and grooves Include timbales, tumbas, congas, quintos, bongos, surdo, pandeiro, and caixa sounds 80 preset kits 8 user kits 32 note polyphony Effects and EQ Includes MIDI percussion patterns and editing software


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