Main Details
Maker Technics Brand
Form Factor Standard Width
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Japan
Date Produced 1980
Weight 5 kg
Power Source AC ~230V
Additional Specifications
Speed control 33 & 45 RPM
Anti-skating force


mark.staben posted 3 years ago:

I'm no audiophile, but I know what I like. I have this deck hooked up to Sonos Connect Amp and an Orb Audio 2.1 kit as well as a Sonos playbar, sub, Play:5 and 6 Sonos Play:1s throughout the house. Super happy with it, but part of me would like something a little more... "stylish" looking but with the same ease of use/maintenance. The SL-Q300 is brain dead simple - no fussing with tracking or weight, and changing the p-mount cartridge couldn't be easier. Is there something similarly fuss-free but a step up in style and perhaps audio quality (not that I'd notice the diff)? For example: I LOVE the way the Garrard 401 looks, BUT it is way out of my price range and sounds like a very high-maintenance deck. Thought?

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