T.92 USB


Main Details
Maker Stanton Brand
Form Factor Tabletop
Signal Path Hybrid Analog / Digital Hardware
Dimensions 45,2 cm x 14,3 cm x 37 cm
Weight 8,6 Kg
Power Source AC 100V, 50/60Hz (For Japan) AC 110V, 60Hz (For Taiwan) AC 120V, 60Hz (For U.S.A., Canada, Mexico) AC 220V, 50Hz (For United Arab Emirates, Chile, Argentina) AC 220V, 60Hz (For Philippines) AC 230V, 50Hz (For Europe, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Israel) AC 240V, 50Hz (For Australia, U.K.)
Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz +1/-3dB
Additional Specifications
Speed Select 33⅓ Rpm, 45 Rpm, 78 Rpm
Speed Adjust (Pitch) ±8%, ±12%
Drive Type Direct Drive
Motor 8 Pole, 3 Phase, Brushless DC Motor
Connector: USB
Connector: RCA (Phono, Cinch)


toillball posted 3 years ago:

Bought this table for dj use and was disappointed. It has way less torque than a technics 1210, even though it's rated the same. The motor also made noise, specially when touching the platter. It also lacks an armlift. I wouldn't use it for regular listening because of the severe motor noise ( it sounded like my 1950's Garrard record changer) and it's to weak for dj use.

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