Main Details
Maker Korg Company
  • 8 × Voice
Form Factor Keyboard
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Date Produced 1980
Notes The Trident is a polyphonic and programmable instrument with three independent sections - Synthesizer, Brass, and Strings, released in 1980. It features 8 voices of polyphony and two of the instrument sections can be played simultaneously while in Split Keyboard mode.

The Trident mkII version released in 1982 had doubled the memory (32 patches), an independent envelope generator for the VCF (filter) section and more. The specifications listed are for the mkII since it is the more popular and common of the two.

Polyphony - 8 voice
Oscillators - Synth - 2 VCOs, Strings - 1 VCO, Brass - 1 VCO. VCO1: square, saw, pulse, pwm; VCO2: saw only
LFO - Sine or Square with speed, delay, depth
Filter - 24dB LowPass self-oscillating filter with cutoff, resonance, env intensity, key tracking
VCA - 2 ADSR envelopes or ON/OFF Gate
Memory - 3 Presets (Piano1, Piano2, Clavi). 16 User (mkI) or 32 User (mkII)
Keyboard - 61 keys
Arpeg/Seq - None
Control - CV for filter cutoff, trigger in, 3 expression ins control volume of each section and a total expression for overall volume control
Date Produced - 1980 (mkI), 1982 (mkII)


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