Pro TT-2


Main Details
Maker Numark Brand
Form Factor Freestanding
Date Produced End of the 90's and early 2000's
Dimensions 450 x 352 x 148.5 mm (17-3/4 x 13-3/4 x 5-7/8 inches)
Weight 12.45 kg (27.5 pounds)
Power Source 110-127 V / 220-240 V AC 50/60 Hz, 15 Watts (DUAL VOLTAGE) [power cable is not detachable from unit]
Notes The Numark Pro TT-2, Pro TT-1 and the TT-100 series was Numark's high end DJ turntables during the very end of the 1990s and early 2000s. They were only in production for a few years. It was heard that these were the first early versions of the "Super OEM" turntables made by Hanpin. No other brand released this type of turntable design. It seems these were an exclusive design and build for Numark only. Built by the Hanpin Audio Corp of Taiwan. These were the first turntables to offer an 12 segment LCD screen. The TT-100 didn't have the LCD as an option being the base model of the line. After the initial launch the units received mixed reviews. Most realized its many flaws very quickly. Although these were Numark's best turntables to date. They were not built the way the famous Technics 1200's were. The tonearms on the PRO TT series are the same MASS produced tonearms you find on today's DJ turntables. The tonearms are not properly calibrated and are not completely aligned with the platter. Although they can be tweaked and adjusted to perform well for the money. Scratching works well as long as properly configured and tweaked. Another issue with these models was the pitch system was not calibrated correctly. Although not off by much they can be calibrated with the adjustment holes on the bottom side with a screw driver (only later models). Some found the LCD screen useless since the pitch value showed was not correct in most cases. The PRO TT-100 is the same as the PRO TT-1 & TT-2 except the unit was only available in a gloss black finish and no LCD screen plus the tonearm didn't have the height adjustment. The PRO TT-1 is the same as the PRO TT-2 except the tonearm on the TT-1 is all black and has slightly more plastic pieces. Also the PRO TT-1's pitch range was only up to +/− 10%. Numark later released the PRO TT-1+ which now included the pitch range of +/− 10 & 20%. Also the PRO TT-1 was always slightly lighter than the PRO TT-2 models. Also between the PRO TT models, some were released with out the platter speed (pitch) output but all retained the usual "REMOTE START/STOP" option. The PRO TT line's plinth is made of a slightly heavy metal plate. All PRO TT models are dual voltage, contain the same direct drive motor and internal guts.

The PRO TT series had an MSRP range of $299 (TT-100), $499 (PRO TT-1/PRO TT-1+) and $599 (PRO TT-2). Before the PRO TT series was phased out due to the next generation of Numark turntables that was in the making and cause of radio interference problems that were reported. Numark released CHROME limited edition finishes for the PRO TT-1+ & PRO TT-2. It was heard that some of the LTD version even had BLUE LED lights. Numark also released a very rare MX edition for the PRO TT-2 which came in a gloss all black finish like the TT-100. These turntables are very hard to find these days. Some people who knew about these rare units try to find them here and there. Some sale online in a range from poor to excellent condition at $99–$400. Depending on the condition and where it is being sold. Almost impossible to find these units new. There are a few successors of this model.

The current turntable on the market right now that is a direct descendant of the PRO TT series is the Audio Technica AT-PL120 (Non-AMP) & the AT-LP120USB. There are a few turntables on the market in different regions of the world that are connected to the PRO TT series like the AT-LP120USB. They are under different brand names and colors of the units also differ. The tonearms are the same and also the dust cover hinges and most internal wiring are the same. The only updates were mainly given to the direct drive motor which also affected the platters center hole design.


- Selectable plus or minus 0 to 10% or **0 to 20% Variable Pitch Adjustment **(PRO TT-2, PRO TT-1+ & TT-100)
- All Metal Tonearm (234 mm effective length) (PRO TT-2)
- Die-cast Aluminum Platter (330 mm diameter)
- Direct Drive High Torque Platter Motor and Electronic Brake
- 33, 45, and 78 RPM Speeds
- Quartz Lock Mode (0% pitch)
- Forward and Reverse Platter Direction
- Top Plate LCD Display shows:
- Play/Pause Mode
- Quartz Lock Mode
- Digital Platter Speed and Pitch Change Percentage
- Rotating 12 Segment Display synchronized with platter direction and speed (Not 100% accurate)
- Pop-up Stylus Target Light
- Platter Strobe Light
- "S" Shaped Tonearm Assembly with:
- Counterweight Adjustment (with locking screw)
- Tonearm Height Adjustment with lock
- Anti-Skating Adjustment (up to 7 grams)
- Cue lever
- Tonearm Rest with locking clamp
- Standard Detachable Headshell (Some units included headshell & cartridge combo as labeled on original box)
- 45 RPM Adapter and Holder (Metal)
- Extra Headshell Holder

- Audio Cable (Left Channel, Right Channel RCA leads & ground wire) ((cable is not detachable from unit))
- Platter Speed (Control turntable's platter speed with third party controller)
- External STOP/START (Foot pedal stop)
- Adjustable Feet for leveling
- Removable dust Lid (smoked look)
Additional Specifications
Speed Select 33⅓ rpm
Speed Select 78 rpm
Speed Select 45 rpm
Speed Adjust (Pitch) ±8%
Speed Adjust (Pitch) ±10%
Drive Type Direct Drive
Speed Adjust (Pitch) ±20%


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