Main Details
Maker Technics Brand
Form Factor Tabletop
Made In Japan
Notes Technics SL-1200MK5G

Open price (around ¥ 70,000, released on November 1, 2002)


Analog player of high performance model which added function to SL - 1200 MK 5.

The DD (direct drive) system of its own structure is adopted as a driving part, the rotating part of the motor is integrated with the turntable, and the fixed part is integrated with the cabinet. For the detection of the number of revolutions, an all-around integral type FG is used, and high rotational accuracy is acquired by detecting the accurate rotation number all around. Furthermore, the starting torque also achieves high power, and the turntable reaches a constant speed rotation in 0.7 seconds.
In addition, the pure electronic brake is adopted as the stop mechanism, and the brake is applied quickly, and it is structured to be canceled at the same time as stopping.

The quarts synthesizer system is adopted for the control of the number of revolutions, and in conjunction with the DD motor and the full circumference detection FG, accurate rotation is realized. Also, by applying quartz lock also for fine pitch adjustment, continuously adjustable pitch adjustment is possible while maintaining accurate rotation accuracy.
In addition, by eliminating the center click of the pitch control slider, smooth operation is enabled.
In addition, the SL-1200MK5G allows continuous variable pitch adjustment of ± 16% in addition to the conventional ± 8%.

The tone arm part of SL - 1200 MK 5 G is improved sound quality by reviewing core material.
The tone arm gantry section is made up of precision aluminum die-casting, reducing the influence of external vibration and so on. In addition, the SL-1200MK5G is equipped with a horizontal weight adjustment mechanism, and by adding an adjustment mechanism to the base part of the S-shaped tone arm, needle jumping is reduced.

The bearing structure adopts a gimbal suspension system combining high precision pivot and 4 bearings, and by clarifying the center of rotation to one point where the vertical rotation axis and the horizontal rotation axis intersect, horizontal and vertical Both have achieved initial sensitivity of 7 mg. In addition, the arm height adjustment mechanism with lock is carried, and the vertical tracking error is suppressed to the extreme minimum.

The cabinet adopts a three-layer structure cabinet, it adopts high rigidity aluminum die-casting on the upper part of the cabinet, by adopting TNRC (Technics Non Resonance Compound) with an integrated structure on the bottom and special heavyweight rubber, it has high durability I realize vibration damping.
Moreover, by attaching the deadening rubber also to the back of the turntable, it improves the vibration resistance and adopts a large-sized insulator to suppress the negative influence from the outside.

You can immediately adjust the speed of the stop brake from the hole of the turntable.

The needle pressure familiar with the scale of the arm weight attachment part can be easily reproduced.

Equipped with spare shell stand.

The reset switch which can release pitch control with one touch is carried.

Pop-up style stylus illumination that can illuminate the needle point even in a dark space is carried.
The SL-1200MK5G adopts high brightness blue LED.

To enhance the operability of the DJ, the dust cover hinge is not attached.

Sectional view Drive motor Disk slip seat for scratch play

Rating of model
Model record player
Driving system Direct drive
Control method Quartz control
Rotational speed 33 1/3, 45 rpm
Rotation fine adjustment range ± 8%, ± 16%
Start torque 1.5 kg · cm
Wow flutter 0.01% (W.R.M.S. FG direct reading)
0.025% (W.R.M.S.JISC 5521)
S / N ratio 78 dB DIN-B (IEC 98 A weighted)
Tone Arm Universal S-shaped Static Balance Gimbal Suspension System
(With horizontal weight adjustment mechanism)
Rotational axis sensitivity 7 mg or less (horizontal / vertical initial sensitivity)
Arm height adjustment range 6 mm
Needle pressure adjustment range 0 g to 4.0 g
Shell mass 7.5 g
Applicable cartridge weight 3.5 g to 13 g
9.5g - 13g (when using auxiliary weight)
3.5 g to 6.5 g (when using shell weight)
Power supply AC 100 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Power consumption 11.0 W
Dimensions Width 453 x Height 162 x Length 353 mm
Weight 11.7 kg
Attached dust cover
Head shell
EP adapter
Disk slip sheet
Additional Specifications
Speed Select 33⅓ rpm
Speed Select 45 rpm
Speed Adjust (Pitch) ±16%
Drive Type Direct Drive


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