Main Details
Maker Electronica Company
Form Factor Keyboard
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Soviet Union
Notes Electronica EM - 25 is a synthesizer-strings that has 3 timbre sections: stringed - contrabasses, violoncellos, violins, organ-registers ("16'","8'","4'","2'"), wind-trombones, trumpets.

Stringed and organ sections:

polyphonic attack and release of sound with duration control
switching decay mode

Wind instruments section:

generator of curved with controls: ATTACK, DECAY, SUSTAIN.
modulator with controls: RATE, DELAY, VIBRATO
controlled filter with controls: ENVELOPE, MODULATOR, CUTOFF, ACCENT
filter run mode -mono or polyphonic

POWER - on/off switch
STRINGS - attack, sustain, global sustain mode on/off; registers 16", 8", 4" - left, 8", 4" - right
ORGAN - registers 16", 8", 4", 2"/ 8", 4", 2"
SELECTOR - strings; organ; brass on/off
BRASS - vibrato; 16", 8", 4"/ 8", 4"; LFO rate, delay; filter ADSR, multi trig on/off, filter LFO deptch, mod, cut off, resonance
TRANSPOSER - detune, slide time, interval, octave, main volume, pitch wheel

CONNECTIONS - phones; stereo out, mono (0dB, -20dB), ext control in - mono, poly; pedal (for volume & pitch shift)"


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