Main Details
Maker Audix Company
Form Factor Handheld / Stand Mounted
Made In USA
Dimensions 104mm length
Weight 114g
Power Source Phantom Power
Frequency Response 40 Hz - 20 kHz
Notes Studio condenser microphone with three optional capsules.

A professional studio condenser microphone, the SCX1 is available with three different polar patterns: Cardioid (SCX1C), Hypercardioid (SCX1HC) and Omnidirectional (SCX1O). The principal applications for the SCX1 are recording, sound design, broadcast and live sound applications. Sensitivity, pin-point accuracy, low profile and consistency illustrate the vigorous attributes of the SCX1C.
The SCX1 offers a consistent response to on and off axis signals while exhibiting excellent phase coherence and minimal proximity effects. With its wide frequency response, accuracy, choice of polar patterns and sensitivity, the SCX1 is the perfect selection for miking overhead, room ambience, orchestral sections, stringed instruments, pianos, vibes and sound effects.
The SCX1 has a 21 mm gold vapor capsule, miniaturized electronics and an extremely small footprint.
The SCX1HC has become a very popular microphone for video/boom application as it is extrememly sensitive and accurate, with excellent noise rejection. SEE VIDEO PAGE.
Provided accessories include a heavy duty snap to fit nylon clip, external foam windscreen, and foam lined wood carrying case.
Model Variations:
SCX1C - cardioid
SCX1HC - hypercardioid
SCX1O - omni


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