Media & Data Storage

Main Details
Maker Oberheim Company
Form Factor 19" Rackmount
Signal Path No Audio
Date Produced 1987-1988
Notes 20MB SCSI Drive for Oberheim DPX-1

HDX-20 Music Storage System Oberheim produced an add on hard disk unit, the HDX-20, in a separate 2U rack unit. The unit came with a SCSI interface board for fitting into the DPX-1, a 25-pin SCSI cable, upgrade instructions, a 128 Kbytes memory upgrade for the DPX-1, OS Version 2.2 on two EPROM’s, and the actual HDX-20 (which formats to 20 MB). The drive holds a total of 19 sample banks. The Output Expansion upgrade MUST be fitted in the DPX-1, for the SCSI upgrade to be able to be installed. It contains the necessary SCSI external connector and an interface chip.

HDX20 200x38

Technical The HDX-20 contains a 5.25″ Seagate ST238R
38 MB hard drive, which spins at 3600 rpm, and has an average seek time of 65ms. The drive has an ST412 interface not SCSI. A separate SCSI interface board sits alongside the drive in the 2U case. The drive formats at 20 MB. This appears to be the maximum space a DPX-1 can format and access.

Multiple Drives The SCSI DPX-1 can support up to 7 external SCSI devices, although the manual recommends only two devices are connected due to the need to keep SCSI cable lengths to a minimum. An HDX-20 can be shared by two DPX-1’s, and a DPX-1 can access mutiple HDX-20’s. There are two 25-pin SCSI connectors on the back of the case.

Preloaded The HDX-20 came preloaded with 19 banks of samples.


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