Sequential Circuits



Main Details
Maker Sequential Circuits Company Siel Company
Additional Model ID Cruise
  • 49 × Voice (Polyphonic)
  • 1 × Voice (Monophonic)
Form Factor Keyboard
Signal Path Hybrid Analog / Digital Hardware
Date Produced 1979
Notes Polyphony - Poly: 49 voices; Mono: 1 voice
Oscillators - 1 DCO
LFO - Vibrato (sine wave based with rate, depth controls); Animator (speed)
Filter - Mono: VCF with cutoff, resonance.
Poly: Brass cutoff, resonance
Effects - Portamento
Keyboard - 49 keys, can be split in the middle
Memory - Presets: Piano 1, Clavi, Piano 2, Cello, Violin, Percussion, Brass1, Brass2, Resonance, Swell, Organ 1, Organ 2, and Pipe Organ
Control - Volume and Expression pedal inputs. No CV/Gate.
Date Produced - 1981 - 1985

This is a pre historic synthesizer designed by Sequential Circuits and built by Siel. It was built during the time that Sequential Circuits was a small "starving" company and didn't have the funding to built it on their own. The Siel company built it for them and marketed their version of is as the Siel Cruise.

Unlike all the rest of the synths from this era (mid 1970's) this was a real editable combo synthesizer. The 1st real mono synth to be built by Sequential circuits. It operates as 2 independent synths.

The Cruise was a synthesizer released in 1981 by the Italian Organ makers at Siel to the Italian and European markets. However, it made its way to the USA’s shores when Sequential Circuits, who really wanted to add a compact mono+poly synth to their own product line but lacked the resources to do it on their own, worked with Siel to release their own re-branded and re-painted version of the Cruise known as the Sequential Fugue. In true Italian style, the only difference between the two, was that the Cruise looked good!
Sequential Fugue

Piano: Piano 1, Clav, Piano 2
Strings: Cello, Violin, Percution.
Brass: Brass1, Brass2, Resonance and Swell (a VCF control section for the Brass only)
Organ: Organ 1, Organ 2, Pipe Organ.
All sounds and presets can be combined together for a richer sound with the 4 push buttons. You don't lose any polyphony during a combo. There is a "Poly Effect" section with Chorus and VCF Filter:
Attack/Decay and VC Attack/Decay.


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