Main Details
Maker Sequential Circuits Company
Additional Model ID 1005
Form Factor Desktop
Signal Path No Audio
Notes The POLY SEQUENCER (Model 1005) for the PROPHET 5 is self contained with a built in digital cassette deck and connection cable which interfaces with the PROPHET-5 via the 4-prong DIGITAL Jack on the synthesizer's back panel. This unit is remarkable for its ease of operation and outstanding features:

over 10,000 note storage
up to six separate sequences
sequence grouping
instant transposition
real time or single step recording
variable playback speed
external clock input for synchronized playback with other instruments (electric drummer, etc)
This sequencer is very easy to use To record a sequence. simply press the RECORD Switch then the desired SEQUENCE Switch The recording will automatically begin when you play your first note. When you've finished playing, hit the STOP,CONTINUE Switch (or the STOP Footswitch) to end the recording and the sequence will start playing back.


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