Donald North Audio


Amplifier, Headphone

Main Details
Maker Donald North Audio Company
  • 2 × Channel
Form Factor Desktop
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In United States
Dimensions 8.5 " H x 17" W x 14 " D
Notes A versatile amplifier with lots of power for driving the most inefficient of headphones. Has two inputs, both RCA, with the second input being connected to a set of loop-out RCA jacks. Power is rectified by a 5U4G tube and a CLC filter, input tube is a 6N1P, and output tubes are 2A3 DHT (directly-heated triode) tubes. Outputs are a 1/4" (either 5 Ohm output impedance or 120 Ohms), dual 3-pin XLRs, or a 4-pin XLR. There is an additional switch to select 0 dB or -6 dB gain. Volume is controlled by an Alps potentiometer.
Input 1
Connector: RCA (Phono, Cinch)
Description: Stereo
Input 2
Connector: RCA (Phono, Cinch)
Description: Stereo
Loop Out from Input 2
Connector: RCA (Phono, Cinch)
Description: Stereo
Parameter: Volume
Control Type: Rotary Pot
Parameter: Impedance
Control Type: Toggle Switch
Parameter: Gain
Control Type: Toggle Switch
Range: 0 dB to -6 dB


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