Eightvoice Polyphonic Synthesizer


Main Details
Maker Schmidt Company Stefan Schmidt Designer
Notes eight-voice polyphonic, true analog synthesizer with digital control and preset memories
discrete sound generation circuitry (no integrated oscillator / filter circuits on one single chip)
You want Schmidt to sound like an entire orchestra? Have a go at Schmidt's eight-part multimode. Simply select the desired preset sound, voice allocation, keyboard mapping, MIDI channel, controller-assignment, tuning, volume, panning, and output routing for each multimode part in an easy-to-survey LCD screen. Enjoy sounds as complex and dynamic as you never would have expected from one single instrument.
separate audio outputs for each voice, plus summing outputs and headphone out
1,028 single sound presets
256 multi sound presets
61 keys, semi-weighted, with velocity and aftertouch
sophisticated glide/portamento capabilities
several realtime modifiers fully programmable per preset (modwheel, stick controller, keyboard-aftertouch, four foot switches, four expression pedals)
complete MIDI implementation, MIDI via USB port and DIN sockets
all sound programming functions with dedicated frontpanel controls and switches
precise information on parameter names and current values via large LC-display
multi-color LEDs
control panel with adjustable angle
internal universal power supply
flightcase included


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