Main Details
Maker Synq Company
Form Factor Tabletop
Dimensions 450 x 353 x 86mm (WxDxH)
Weight 11 kg
Notes Motor: 16 pole, 3phase, brushless DC motor
Driving Method: Direct Drive
Starting Torque: More than 4.5kg / cm
Starting Time: 0,20 ~ 6,00 seconds (adjustable)
Braking Time: 0,20 ~ 6,00 seconds (adjustable electronic brake)
Speed selection: 331/3 ~ 45 ~ 78 RPM
Speed adjustment: +/-10% ~ +/-20% ~ +/-50%
Wow & Flutter: less than 0,1% WRMS (JIS WTD)
Tone arm type: Static balanced S-shaped tone arm.
Tracking Error angle: Less than 3°
Cartridge weight: 13~18g.
Anti-skate range: 0~3g.
Power supply: 230V~ 50Hz.
Power consumption: 13Watts


DJ_JJ posted 4 years ago:

I'm thinking about buying this turntable as it got good reviews and a nice price!
But which cartridge would be good? I think abaut the Ortofon Concorde DJ S or E depending what I will play/mix. Would that fit?

DJSiMa replied 3 years ago:

The DJ S is a good system to use. It has a moderate pricing and is well suited for electronic music. If you scratch a lot, then maybe another system would be better.

I'm using the Ortofon Nightclub MK1 with the Synq-Xtrm and i like this system, but for home use only, or only seldom club usage, the DJ S is definitely good enough.

DJ_JJ replied 3 years ago:

Cheers, that what I thought, too. I'm using the DJS for mixing and the DJ E for just listening. All doing pretty well with great TTs!

ImaVinyler posted 6 months ago:

I recommend the MP110 from Nagaoka for pure HiFi operation. It costs around 120 € and is worth every penny. In my opinion, it sounds better than the ortofon 2MBlue, but only costs half. Who does not want to invest so much in my experience with the OM10 (about 50 €) or SuperOM10 (about 80 €) of ortofon well served. For pure club operation I would recommend the ortofon Concorde VIBE (about 115 €) (not for scratching).

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