Sequencer MK1


Main Details
Maker ARP Company
Additional Model ID 1601 & 1611
Form Factor Desktop
Signal Path No Audio
Dimensions 22 5/8" L x 8" W x 5" H
Weight 8 lbs
Power Source 100 - 130 VAC 20 W
Notes "ARP Sequencer. This 16-station analog sequencer produces either programmed or random sequences, freeing the musician's hands to perform on other keyboards. The unit is fully interfacable with other ARP instruments, and features dual quantizer circuits, which permit chromatically-scaled programming and control over accents, rhythmic patterns, and dynamic changes. The performer has the option of having the unit produce up to sixteen single-voice notes controlled by one quantizer (16/1), or up to eight 2-note chords controlled by two quantizers (8/2). Linear slider pots are supplied, and push-button switches for skip, reset, or start modes are provided. LEDs indicate the note being played, and five gate outputs, pulse-width modulation control, and pedal jacks for external control are supplied. Suggested list price is $795.00. ARP Instruments, 320 Needham St., Newton, MA 02164."


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