Sound Burger


Main Details
Maker Audio-Technica Brand
Form Factor Portable
Made In Japan
Notes Silver version of this turntable.

Replacement stylus for the ATN103 is the Audio Technica ATN120E

Replacement belts should be 12.5cm and 5.5cm and 1mm wide.

Replacement trimmers for speed adjust are standard horizontal 5K preset that can be adjusted from underneath, for example maplin code N40BR. Sometimes the adjustment range is close to the ends, maybe a 10K trimmer would be better.

The common fault is the belts are loose due to age. Replacing them is easy. Users may try to compensate for loose belts by adjusting the speed trimmers, the trimmers are very fragile and can break away easily.

Sometimes, the outputs are weak or one side is missing. The circuit board plugs into the connections from the cartridge, these may be corroded, gently plugging and unplugging a few times should clear it up. There is also a wire that is run close between one of the op-amps and a capacitor. In time, the insulation may be worn / melted away, causing a short circuit on the op-amp. Check for this, as the fix is as simple as moving the wire away and covering the damaged insulation.
Additional Specifications
Speed Select 33⅓ rpm
Speed Select 45 rpm
Drive Type Belt Drive


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