National Phonograph Co.

Triumph Model B

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Main Details
Maker National Phonograph Co. Company Edison Brand
Form Factor Tabletop
Made In US
Date Produced 1906-1908
Dimensions Height 14.375 inches; Base 18.125 x 12.75 inches
Weight 49 lb.
Power Source Spring motor
Notes Introduced July, 1906 (US) and November, 1906 (UK)
Price in 1906-1908: $50 - $55
Additional Specifications
Type 2-minute Plays standard (100 grooves per inch) cylinders
Reproducer Model C
Recorder Improved Edison
Horn 11-panelled "Morning Glory"
Cabinet Antique oak case
Motor 3-spring Triton
Feature Shaving Device Attached
Feature Swing arm with locking latch to support mandrel
Feature Crane assembly for horn


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