Electronic Dream Plant



Main Details
Maker Electronic Dream Plant Company
Form Factor Keyboard
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Notes EDP's Gnat is a single-oscillator version of the Wasp. It has one digital oscillator and analog circuitry with a basic lowpass resonant filter, an envelope with Attack and Decay controls, an LFO which can modulate the pitch or filter, and a built-in speaker. Like the Wasp, it has a very un-playable touch-sensitive keyboard with 25 flat mini-keys. The Gnat also has EDP's proprietary control interface that could be used to link the Gnat to a Wasp or other EDP gear.

Like the Wasp, the Gnat also came in three versions. Besides the original, a Gnat Special and Gnat Deluxe were released. They had wood panels and a few other changes but the Deluxe featured a standard 3-octave keyboard. The Gnat offers simple and traditional synthesis of analog bass, synth and other useful monophonic sounds. It's designer, Chris Hugget, also designed the Oxford Synthesizer Company's OSCar Synthesizer.

Anthony Harrison-Griffin an independent product designer was responsible for the design and build of the Gnat, drawing on the basic design and colour scheme of the already well established Wasp.


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