Main Details
Maker Groove Electronics Company
Form Factor 19" Rackmount
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Notes Groove Electronics Stinger, it is also sometimes refered to as an EDP Stinger. It is basically two EDP Wasps under one hood, but with midi control. It comes with a fixed 220v power cable, and 3 pages of user manual.

-Only 4 of these synths are known to be in existence.
-This synth has the most amount of buttons on it than the other units.
-Groove Electronics was a small company, each unit was custom built for the client.
-It was originally owned by The Shamen. On the underside of the synth is a service sticker that shows their name, this was also confirmed by the person I bought it from.

-Built in 1989
-Two synth sections; Synth A and Synth B (each of the two synths is essentially one Wasp)
-Two 1/4" Audio Outputs (1 for synth A and 1 for synth B)
-Two 1/4" External Audio Inputs (1 for synth A and 1 for synth B)
- Midi In/Thru


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