Turntable Cartridge

Main Details
Maker Linn Brand
Date Produced 1986
Frequency Response (20Hz to 20KHz): 20dB
Notes Tracking weight is normally set to 1.7 – 1.8 for Moving Magnet cartridges. Optimum weighting, however should be found by listening to the cartridge at room temperature and adjusting within the parameters as listed for best sound.

"A high quality moving-magnet cartridge to suit a wide variety of tonearms, with replaceable stylus."

Cartridge is discontinued. Replacement styli are not available. Audio Technica AT95E stylus fits, but isn't as good quality.
Additional Specifications
Tracking Weight Range 1.5g to 2.0g
Stylus Vital
Cantilever Straight Aluminium
Coil Wire Copper
Pin connection type 1.2mm Tinned
Tracking angle 20 deg
Weight 7.1g
Recommended Load 47 Kohms
Output 4.5m V
Capacitance loading 200pF Including arm cable
Compliance 12 cu
Separation at 1KHz: More than 25dB
Channel Balance at 1KHz 1dB


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