Tanzbär Lite

Drum Machine

Main Details
Maker MFB Company
Form Factor Desktop
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Germany
Date Produced 2016
Notes The Tanzmaus drumcomputer is a further development of our MFB 522. He offers nine powerful analogue percussion instruments. A chase sequencer stores up to 64 patterns. You can chain up to 16 different patterns, A/B let you switch or alternate between A and B. Moreover you can program up to 16 different Flam algorithm. Step lenght is individual selectable for each instrument - polyrhythms are easy to get. 32 steps, 16th or 16th/8th triplets are the basic metrics and a 15 different shuffles can be set globally. Four different accents are available. Five independed LFOs can be used to modulate the pitch of Bassdrum, Claps, Tom/Conga, Cowbell and Clave. They offers four waveforms and can be programmed independly for each step. The compact chassis is built from steel plate.

All Soundparameter can be recorded in step- or realtime mode. The sequencer sends Midi notes and can trigger other soundsources. Tanzmaus send and get Midi Clock. Beside Master Volume each instrument has its own volume pot and mute function. You have five individual outs and one stereo out, Claps are in stereo. The compact chassis is built from steel plate.

TANZBÄR LITE has the following dimensions: 200x140x40mm. An external power supply is included.

Instruments Parameters

Bassdrum : Decay Time, Tune, Attack Level, LFO
Snare: Tune, Noise Level, Noise Decay
Rimshot: Level
Claps: Filter, Reverb Decay Time, Intensity, Number and Patterns of Attacks, LFO
Tom/Conga: Decay Time, Tune, Panning, LFO
Cowbell: Decay Time, Tune, LFO
Claves: Decay Time, Tune, LFO
Cymbal: Decay Time, Tune, Blend Ping/Cymbal
Open Hihat: Decay Time, Tune
Closed Hihat: Decay Time, Tune


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