Rucci Electronic Instruments

Handmade Touch Synth


Main Details
Maker Rucci Electronic Instruments Company
Additional Model ID DEVICE 0056
Form Factor Portable
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In USA
Date Produced 2012
Power Source 9V
Notes This handmade synthesizer is played by touching the copper contact strip. The strip is made up of 15 contact points, each of which plays a higher pitch. It is monophonic and will sound the highest pitch being played.
There is controllable LFO feeding the square-wave oscillator producing quick modulation, or an almost distorted throaty sound. In addition to LFO speed there is also a fine-tune pitch control, low pass filter and volume control.

The contact strip is sensitive to pressure and even the resistance of a particular player's skin. For example someone with sweaty hands will produce a higher frequency. Also please note depending on how you release the contact strip you will find a slight decay as the capacitors drain. But all this is easily learned and tamable.

It has a 1/4" output and is powered by a 9volt battery. The housing is a repurposed cigar box that has a less than flawless dark stain, giving it a very antique, aged feel.


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