Rucci Electronic Instruments

Human Resistance Synth


Main Details
Maker Rucci Electronic Instruments Company
Additional Model ID DEVICE 0051
Form Factor Portable
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In USA
Date Produced 2012
Power Source 9V
Notes This is a lo-fi synthesizer that is played by bridging a connection between the two contact points. The pitch is controlled by the amount of resistance. The more resistance or lighter touch produces lower frequencies. This oscillator is then modulated by a LFO, giving this device very nice throaty, almost vocal sounds. It can also be played through multiple people creating a human chain.
The two knobs control the speed of the LFO and volume. It is powered by an included 9volt battery. A red LED indicator flashes in sync with the modulation. A standard 1/4" output makes it perfect to connect to amps, effects, or recording equipment. The case is a tough die-cast aluminum painted gray.


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