Indiana Line

Mio Sub


Main Details
Maker Indiana Line Brand
Form Factor Floorstanding
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Italy
Dimensions 230 x 255 x 230 mm
Weight 5.9 Kg
Power Source 220 ÷ 240 V
Frequency Response 40 - 180 hertz
Notes You will be pleasantly amazed by the performance of this compact active subwoofer, born to complement the low frequencies extension of small woofer loudspeakers. So good with a pair of Ego Sat.
The internal amplifier is featuring all the controls needed to properly interface the subwoofer with other components of the audio system and the listening room. The twin-reflex tube, located at the rear of the cabinet, minimizes the airflow turbulence.
Matching Mio Sub with a pair of Mio 50, a 2.1 audio system is provided, that is capable to supply good performances, without the use of further amplifiers. The limited size, along with the clean and elegant design of the cabinet, allows an easy placement of Mio Sub in all styles of furniture.
Additional Specifications
Crossover frequency 40 ÷ 180 Hz


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