Bastl Instruments



Main Details
Maker Bastl Instruments Company
Form Factor Modular - 5U
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Brno, Czech Republic
Notes Dynamo is combination of 3 utility modules: envelope follower, comparator and voltage controlled switch. It combines Envelope Follower and comparator to extract gate from the envelope. On top of that there is full-wave rectifier output |EF IN| and Compressor CV curve generator.

When the Compressor CV is plugged into CV input of a VCA with offset and attenuator knobs you get an Compressor! Threshold knob on Dynamo sets the compressor threshold, Offset on the VCA sets the gain and the attenuator on the CV input sets the ratio of compression (which can also go negative). This allows you to create compressor type of effect from anything: VCA, tube module, VCF or anything that comes to your rack!

The other trick of the Dynamo is the voltage controlled switch section in combination with the full-wave rectifier and comparator. All pre-normalised and for what reason ? Make “fake thru-zero modulation” with anything you like! Define what happens when the negative modulation is happening and adjust the zero crossing point with CV.


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