Sampler, Synthesizer

Main Details
Maker Casio Company
  • 8 × Voice
Form Factor Keyboard
Signal Path Digital Hardware
Made In Japan
Date Produced 1987-1989
Dimensions 1036 x 325 x 120mm (W D H)
Weight 17.5 Kg
Power Source AC
Notes Not to be confused with the Yamaha FZ-1 which is slightly louder.

FZ-10M and FZ-20M are the rack-module versions of the FZ-1 with XLR inputs and outputs.
The Hohner HS-1 is a German version of the Casio FZ-1.

The FZ-1 was a 5-octave keyboard (61-keys from C to C) and hybrid sampler/synthesizer released by Casio Computer Company in 1987. Its original list price in the UK was just under £2000, making it one of the more affordable samplers on the market with features such as waveform drawing and 16-bit sampling resolution that were previously only available on more expensive equipment, such as the Fairlight CMI Series III of 1985.

Polyphony - 8 voices
Sampler - 16-bit, 9kHz - 36kHz variable sample rate; Sample-time: 58 seconds max. at 9kHz, 14.5 seconds at 36kHz. Sample time doubled with memory expansion card.
Effects - None
Filter - DCF 8-stage Filter
Keyboard - 61 keys with velocity and aftertouch
Memory - 1MB internal (expandable to 2Mb with MB-10 expansion card), 3.5" HD
Control - MIDI
Date Produced - 1987
Additional Specifications
Power Consumption 39w


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