Sampler, Sequencer

Main Details
Maker Roland Brand
Form Factor 19" Rackmount
Signal Path Digital Hardware
Date Produced 1989-1993
Dimensions 430 x 132 x420mm
Weight 9.6 kg
Notes The S-750 features 2 Mbytes of sample memory (enough for about 22 seconds at 44.1 KHz), a floppy disk drive, an external SCSI bus for adding more drives, a very large built-in text/graphics LCD display, stereo input and output, six assignable analog outs, a mouse and external video monitor connections for enhanced control. The higher-end S-770 included an internal 40 Mbyte SCSI drive and S/PDIF outputs.

Polyphony - 24 voices
Multitimbral - 16 parts
Sampler - 16-bit, 2 Mbyte (expandable up to 18 Mbyte). Sample editing includes truncate, sustain and release loops (7 modes), cut/splice, mix/combine, level adjust, resampling, compressor/expander, pitch shift, time stretch, rate conversion
Sample Rate - variable from 22 kHz to 48 kHz
LFO - 1 LFO, assigns to pitch, filter, amp with delay (waveforms: sine, tri, square, random, up, down)
Filter - 1 TVF resonant low, high or band pass with 5-segment envelope
Envelope - 1 TVA with 5-segment envelope
Effects - None
Sequencer - None
Arpeggiator - None
Keyboard - None
Memory - 128 patches, 64 Multi patches
Control - MIDI, external monitor, mouse, optional RC-100
Date Produced - 1989 - 1993


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