Main Details
Maker ARP Company
Form Factor Desktop
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Date Produced 1970-1981
Notes Estimated production numbers:

2600 - 25 units (light blue metal case with matching metal case keyboard)

2600C - 35 units (light gray metal case with matching metal case keyboard)

2600P - 1700 units (standard suitcase 2600)

2601 - 1000 units (standard suitcase 2600 with input jack update)

2600 production peaked in 1973-74.

The 2600P v3.0 is the version that was produced in the greatest quantity.

The later model 220v european version carries the 2602 designation. There were relatively small numbers of these sold, but they are electrically identical to the 2601.


ijustspeak posted 4 years ago:

The ARP 2600 is a great synth to learn FM Modulation on since it was pretty much design for teaching.

Arturia has made a good VST of this classic. So if you donĀ“t have 7K to blow on a real synth, get that and start learning how to patch.. To me it was a great starting point for FM modulation and basic synthesis..

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