Music Streamer II +

Audio Interface

Main Details
Maker HRT Brand
Form Factor Desktop
Signal Path Digital Hardware (including Analog Connections)
Dimensions 2.3 x 7.7 x 4.3 inches
Weight 8 ounces
Power Source USB
Notes The Streamer + raises the performance bar even further; for those whom have the systems that can reveal the differences, the Streamer II+ is the one to choose. The Music Streamer II+ is an ultra high performance audio interface that allows a computer and home entertainment system to become perfect partners. With is unique topology, the Music Streamer II+ provides a completely isolated path between the computer and audio system. No more audio contamination by the computer; your music will always sound its best. There are no external power supplies to worry about because the Music Streamer II+ derives its power from the USB buss while completely regenerating power for all its internal circuitry using a sophisticated set of proprietary circuits. Operation is simple, just plug the Music Streamer II+ into any USB port on your computer and the Music Streamer II+ will install itself and be ready in a matter of moments. Connect the other end of the Music Streamer II+ into any analog input and you are ready to stream high quality computer based music. The Music Streamer II+ provides full support for applications such as iTunes™ and Windows Media Player™ direct to your home entertainment system, with a level of quality never before possible. You can also use the Music Streamer II+ to listen to internet radio or other music subscription services such as Rhapsody™, Napster™, Pandora™, Spotify™ and many more in high quality through your Home Entertainment System, Television or Stereo system.


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